Rolling Makeup Case

The Best Rolling Makeup Case: Our Top 3 Favorites

A rolling makeup case is the best way to go if you regularly travel with makeup. It’s perfect for performers or professional makeup artists who travel for work. 

Since it has wheels, you don’t need to worry about the weight of the product you’re putting in it. Rolling makeup cases help your back, too, especially if you bring your makeup kit everywhere.

They’re also great if you’re one of those who don’t have time to choose which makeup to bring on a trip. Like, what if you find a cute dress while you’re there and you’re missing one specific palette? 

Have a look at our favorite rolling makeup case along with other options you can choose from:

Rolling Makeup Case # 1: Shany Cosmetics Rolling Trolley Makeup Organizer

To start off, this case is made up of two parts: a smaller top section and a larger bottom section. Both sections have a ridiculous number of compartments so there’s a lot of opportunity for organization.

Made of waterproof nylon, this rolling makeup case is relatively lighter than hard-shell models. It also means it’s easier to store when not in use because it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

When you open the top bag, there’s a 13-compartment brush holder on the roof that’s protected by a clear plastic to keep them from making a mess. There are two accordion-style trays in the middle and open storage at the bottom.

The bottom section opens on top, too, and has another brush compartment and a second open storage space. The front has eight hard plastic drawers and the flap that covers the drawers even has a mesh compartment.

There are also three differently-sized mesh bags included that you can use for larger items like curling irons, etc.

Also, there’s a zippered mesh compartment on both sides of the bottom section. Both sections are latched together by seatbelt-like closures, but they also come with their own shoulder strap.

It has two wheels and the handle is attached to the bottom section. However, its design is a bit problematic since you can’t get to the bottom section without removing the upper section. 

Rolling Makeup Case # 2: Yaheetech 3-in-1 Professional Makeup Train Case

The upper section of this rolling makeup case features four accordion-style trays and storage at the bottom. Their dividers are adjustable, too, so you can customize them any way you want.

If this section is the only part you need, you can just detach it and use it on its own. Moreover, it has a removable shoulder strap for easy carrying.

The bottom section is a huge open space that comes with a removable organizer basket. If you remove the basket, you’ll have a large empty space to store larger items like hairdryers, long palettes, etc.

If you only need this bottom part, you can take the lid from the upper section and it’ll work just fine. It’s supported by two wheels with the handle attached at the back of the bottom section.

The upper section has two straps at the back that you clasp together to secure it to the handle.

We recommend this one if you’re on a budget—just don’t expect it to last that long. But, if you’re planning to use it professionally for years, you may want to invest in a case with higher quality.

Rolling Makeup Case # 3: Ovonni LED Rolling Makeup Train Case

If you want a full personal studio anywhere, this product’s for you.

Not sure if you have a free table at the event you’re going to? No worries! This trolley features telescoping legs hidden in a back panel that you can take out for your own work station.

The bottom half of the case has four accordion-style trays with the top tiers having glass covers so you can use them as counter space when closed. The lowest part of the case is a huge open space where you can then store longer palettes.

The upper half has a large vanity mirror surrounded by LED bulbs. Since they’re LED, it means they’ll last longer than ordinary bulbs—but the company still included an extra bulb, just in case.

It even comes with a dimmer switch so you can adjust the lighting accordingly!

A universal plug is also seen on the front of the vanity to plug your hairdryer and other tools so you don’t have to look for a wall outlet. The case itself has a power cord included.

But, the cord isn’t universal so you’ll need an adapter for places that use 220 voltage. This makeup case looks like a suitcase when folded and has a telescoping handle with four wheels.