Makeup Travel Case on Wheels

What to look out for when you want a roll-able travel case for your makeupmakeup travel case on wheels

We know that travelling with your cosmetics with you is not easy. This is not only an issue when you are a professional makeup artist that has to travel from one place to another for job purposes. This profession is attractive just like any other art profession, but similarly, you also need to transport your instruments and this can probably best be done with a makeup travel case on wheels.

There are many other situations in which transporting larger amounts of makeup is necessary, even if you are not a professional artist. Personally, we have experienced the trouble of traveling for business, with a party thrown in for good measure, so we had to take along a good amount of makeup.

The makeup tools are usually small in size and do not have a considerable weight, but when you are traveling for business or you are a professional makeup artist you have to take with you many, sometimes hundreds, of these tiny products – and then weight becomes an issue.

Putting the makeup stuff in your clothes luggage won’t be the solution because they would mix together and it wouldn’t be nice in front of your business associates or clients to open up your clothes luggage. That is why you will need a makeup travel case on wheels to scroll aside you during your travelling events. Once you have picked up the right model, you will be looking even more professional and also the travelling experience will become easier.

The things you will need to take into consideration when picking up the right makeup case with wheels are simple. Look for: the right size, the right colour and the right material type. These three elements will have to fit into your routine in order to serve the purpose – facilitate the travelling experience with makeups.

Don’t forget to consider the flying aspect, what you are going to do with your makeup while flying is an important factor.

What can be considered a real attention catcher would be a model with a rolling solution. This would perfectly fit for professional purposes. The product has to be designed and conceptualized to fit any demand, both in terms of quantity and quality as well.

Which is the “magic” features combination necessary to be qualified as “outstanding” for a makeup travel case on wheels?

An internal size of 15.2 x 10.4 x 20.3’’ that would foresee a total (external) size of 15.2 x 10.4 x 44. Of course, other sizing combinations might fit in as fine as this, but based on common trends, this is the top one.

As we are considering a makeup travel case on wheels, the material is of course highly relevant. We have to make sure our product will be feasible for our adventures. Because of this, a Plastic and Aluminum combination would do just great.

If you are a makeup artist, no matter if you have years in the business or you are just entering it, the rolling case has the ability to enhance your overall professional image. All you need to do is pull-out the wheeler handle and go on.

Some really great models are designed with a top lid that allows you to easily reach the items included in the case. We know that makeup professional is an artist, and that is why we suggest that organizing is not their “forte”. That said, we would strongly advise you products that have additional helping features in this regard. What are these helping features?


  • Extendable trays
  • Adaptable storage compartments


These features will allow anyone to store makeup articles and more per order of importance, of usage or of nature. The extendable trays will permit you to exploit the outer space as much as possible as you are working.

Needless to mention the importance of the wheels. Yet, we should really emphasize that they are the most differentiating feature in this type of product. The most reliable wheels are made of heavy duty material. Only this type of material would successfully resist any type of travelling travel case on wheels

When you are travelling, you are mostly going up and down buses, trains, cars, airplanes and other transporting vehicles, which means that your makeup products are endangered because of high chances of getting lost. This is why product security is another important feature that has to be included in the “magic” bundle. Make sure that the product you are purchasing has highly resistible fasteners and that the latest is lockable. These elements will ensure your products to be very long with you – until their consumption date.

If you are looking for excellence than you should have a look on the available opportunities in terms of outer finish. In order for your makeup travel case on wheels to be qualified as such, we suggest you pick the one that has an aluminium finish. Why? The aluminium finish will grant the product protection from any kind of outside damages. There are also products designed to be heat resistant. In this case, you will not have to worry about the outer environment, neither the sun nor the rain will ever be able to corrupt the unit reliability.

The perfect makeup travel case on wheels is not made of one particular option, instead, it is made of a number of particular features that contribute to the final excellence. If you carefully select the next product taking into consideration the above-mentioned elements, be sure that the unit you will purchase will enhance and make more interesting your makeup artistic hours.