Makeup Train Case

The Best Makeup Train Case: An Easy Buying Guide

A makeup train case is the best bet if you’re a makeup artist or just have a lot of makeup.

However, finding the best isn’t just picking a bag in a color you like. You’ll also want to see if its size and structure perfectly match your needs.

Aside from having a lot of compartments, train cases are safer for your makeup since everything isn’t banging around. They’re also a great permanent storage at home if a vanity space isn’t available.

In this post, we’ll share what we think is the best makeup train case to keep your valuables in.

Makeup Train Case # 1: Shany Color Matters Train Case & Nail Polish Organizer

If you’re tired of the usual colors train cases come in, this item is for you. It’s available in several pretty and bold colors to let you express your colorful personality.

Unlike other train cases, this one’s arranged differently in that it has a drawer on the front and storage on top. But, it’s smaller than the others at only 9.25” by 9” and 6.25”.

While the pros may not like this, this best makeup train case is indeed a great makeup or nail art tools organizer. You can fit 24 nail polishes on top while the divider lifts out to store things other than polish.

There’s even a small mirror on the lid and six additional bands to hold thinner tools like pencils or brushes. You can pull the bottom drawer all the way out for easy access and cleaning.

It even has a small pouch on one side and more elastic band holders on the other. The outside is covered in matte faux leather, and along with the lining, are stain and water-resistant!

The lid and drawer are latch closed and the only handle is the one on top.

What we like most about Shany’s products is that they’re cruelty-free. This assures you that your money isn’t going to a company that uses animal products or tests on animals.

Makeup Train Case # 2: Sunrise 3-Tier Pro Makeup Case

Although this product is more on the smaller side, it has a lot of compartments and has a solid built. It measures 12” by 8” and 9.5” and has six accordion-style trays.

The shelves are widespread so you can easily see your makeup. The bottom is heavy enough that the shelves don’t cause the case to fall, but this also makes it very heavy when carrying.

But, it does come with a removable shoulder strap to make it more comfortable to transport.

There are two sturdy latches on top to keep the case closed and each has a lock with a key. We only think the locks are a bit flimsy but are sufficient enough to keep others out of your things.

Since this makeup train case is on the smaller side, we recommend it as a home kit or traveling case if you don’t have a lot of stuff. We only wish it came in brighter colors like the first product.

Makeup Train Case # 3: Boknight 6-Tier Pro Makeup Case

This case is a good enough size for home or travel use, though it may be small for professional makeup artists. It measures at 11” by 6.5” by 8.5” and has six accordion-style trays inside for smaller items.

It has a hollow base that’s perfect for storing larger pieces. But, if you have a lot or are planning to travel with large eyeshadow palettes, this may not be large enough to fit your needs.

If you have a collection of smaller palettes, this will work just fine.

Its case is made of plastic with steel corners. Meaning, it’s sturdy enough but still not as strong as the metal ones. It is, however, very light which is something you may want to consider.

It has double latches that come with built-in locks and keys for added security. The makeup train case has a girly rose-pink color, too, making it stand out from the crowd!

Makeup Train Case # 4: Sooyee Multifunction Travel Cosmetic Bag with Mirror

If you’re looking for a multifunctional yet lightweight product, this one’s for you.

This makeup train case is very durable since it’s made from synthetic leather. It can also provide you with a lot of storage and has a total of four slides to better organize your things.

Moreover, it comes with a waterproof interior so you can store messy makeup products such as liquid eyeliners and lipsticks. 

It’s very portable and doesn’t need any washing. Furthermore, this one’s also shake-proof which means you can store your electronic gadgets. It has large handles, too, so it’s easy to carry.

Makeup Train Case # 5: Joligrace Adjustable Professional Makeup Train Case

This hard-shell makeup train case is ideal for both home and travel. It’s 14” by 11” by 8.43” and unfolds six accordion-style trays with a deep and spacious bottom compartment.

The trays and bottom compartment even come with adjustable dividers so you can adjust them to how big or small your makeup products are!

It’s made of aluminum and has reinforced corners so it’s durable and made to last. However, it can also be a disadvantage since it makes the product a lot heavier.

But, that’s what the added shoulder straps are for.

This makeup train case comes with two luggage locks and matching keys to add another layer of security. It has a diamond-style finish, too, making it look very elegant.

Makeup Train Case # 6: HOMFA Makeup Train Case 3-Layer Makeup Organizer Bag

This beautiful and large capacity makeup train case measures at 11.8” by 9.05” by 9.84” and is made from PU leather. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and a zipper, making it convenient to carry and suitable for home use or while traveling.

It comes with four accordion-style trays and a very spacious bottom to organize all makeup tools and jewelry in one place. 

Two of the trays even come with designated slots to keep your cosmetics in order! They aren’t, unfortunately, adjustable like the previous product.

Unlike cheap makeup organizers, this makeup train case is very easy to wash. With its perfect design, all you need is a minute to clean it and you’re done!