Makeup Case

The Best Makeup Case For Some Serious Organization

While applying makeup is fun, keeping your products organized is stressful especially without a centralized space to keep everything. This is why investing in a quality makeup case is crucial.

Makeup cases seem like a small thing. But, they aren’t only used to store all your essentials—they also protect your favorite products and keep them safe from spillage, leaks, or damage.

With a lot of options available in stores, choosing the best makeup bag can be daunting. That’s the reason why we created this list to cut through the clutter and make shopping easier.

Here’s our list of the best makeup case to buy:

Makeup Case # 1: Relavel Cosmetics Case Organizer

This makeup case has over 1000 customer reviews, earning the coveted “Amazon’s Choice” recommendation.

The reason why it’s so popular is it has an ample amount of storage space. Aside from that, it also boasts of a lot of adjustable compartments to keep your favorite products organized.

It even has a hard exterior to protect all makeup products. Its adjustable dividers let you store as many stuff as you like and it has designated brush holders to keep them from getting dirty.

Most of all, its zipper pocket is big enough to hold all your palettes. It isn’t bulky, very durable, and the handle makes it easy and convenient to carry.

Makeup Case # 2: ROWNYEON Makeup Travel Bag

If you’re looking for a simple yet classy makeup case, this product is for you. It has the classic gold and black combination and is made from durable, high-quality Oxford cloth.

It’s anti-squeezing, anti-wear, and waterproof, too!

This makeup case has a thickened and double-way gold metal zipper for enhanced texture and to make it sturdier. It has a row for makeup brushes and seven removable divider compartments that you can use whichever way you like.

We just didn’t like that the inside had a smell when purchased. However, it’s non-toxic and the smell will subside if you leave it open for 2-3 days.

The company also suggests not to pack the bag too full and not to machine wash to preserve its shape. It doesn’t come with a shoulder strap but we honestly didn’t find it to be an issue.

Makeup Case # 3: Habe Cosmetic Train Case

Opt for this if you’re looking for a makeup case with a convenient handle on top. 

This bag boasts of its stretchy holders to hold several different-sized brushes. Also, it has a padded lining to protect everything inside and removable Velcro dividers to keep your stuff tidy and organized.

What makes this bag great is its PowderSafe high-density protective walls. These help protect blush, shadows, powders, and bronzers against jolts, shimmies, and shakes while traveling.

This means broken powders are a thing of the past!

Furthermore, it has a high-quality zipper that won’t detach or snag easily. In fact, it has more than 950 customer reviews with most of the reviewers naming it “the best one ever.”

Makeup Case # 4: Mossio Hanging Cosmetic Case

This makeup bag has an attached hook to let you easily hang it on a mirror or door. It’s made of waterproof and durable polyester and mesh cloth, and is fully lined to prevent leaks.

It’s big enough to store your necessities yet compact that it won’t take a lot of space in your bag. It has three main compartments inside and a front zipper for easy storage.

You know what else?

It comes in 17 different designs to match your personality. This lightweight travel case lets you travel in style and is the perfect companion to the gym, beach, or any kind of trip.

Makeup Case # 5: Maxtour Makeup Bag

Made from polyester and cotton, this makeup case is waterproof and scratch-resistant to protect your products from accidental dropping. Both sides even have a steel frame to make it sturdier and allow it to stand on its own.

The inside of the bag has a pocket on each side to store small accessories like rings, earrings, etc. You can then put your essentials like powder, foundation, and pencils in the middle.

Since this is more like a pouch, we won’t recommend it if you want something to really organize your things. But, if you only need it to keep your cosmetics in one place, this one does the job.