Makeup Box

The box you will treasure for years: Your Makeup Box

This is most probably the first product in the mind of the young ladies when they start their journey in the makeup world. All their dream and fantasies of glossy, shiny and colourful makeup is treasured in this “magic” box that will always be there for them, anywhere and anytime. Considering the importance that is being given to this product, it would be great to know what you should be looking for in a makeup case. So before heading to the makeup box shop, have a look at the things that are worth considering.

Sizing your Makeup Boxmakeup box

Well, first of all, the most relevant element in terms of selection criteria, should be considered sizing. Are you looking for a cosmetics box that will be included in your handbag, or are you looking for an independent one? If you are looking for the second option then you should consider sizing and weighing as well. There are great solutions out there – some vendors are offering small sized boxes with great storage capabilities on the inside.

Colouring of your Box

What about colouring? This is another important feature. You will need to feel comfortable and shiny while using your cosmetics box. That is why you should pick up a design that fits your personality and style. A good makeup box shop will have an array of colours for you to choose from.


Yes, security! Some of the cosmetic products today are being offered in the market with really high prices, that is why you need to take few security measures when storing them. Make sure that your makeup box is equipped with durable zippers, using a locker might sometimes be the case.

Internal organizing of your Makeup Box

Internal organizing is also relevant. Depending on the tools you need most, you will have to pick the box as well. If you are mostly using nail polishers, you will need a box with some large compartments to store them, the same if you are using brushes. Whilst, if you are mostly using pencils and lipsticks a box with small and numerous compartments will be the best option to go for.

We have searched what is in there, and we picked up the most outstanding products in this category. The products have been selected taking into consideration major trends, quality and affordability. Each of them has its own specifics and differs from the other – exactly the way – we ladies are different from each – other.

Let’s have a look at the most suitable characteristics for a makeup box that will make the difference during your daily experience!

We have noticed that if you are looking for a small-sized model, the 8″ L x 13″ W x 5.8″ H Inches combination is the right one. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a bigger choice, than most probably you should go for the 10.3″ L x 3.6″ W x 9″ H.

The unit most appropriately should be made of plastic material which comes with a fuchsia pearl color. This combination of features makes it really attractive in terms of design and durable in terms of quality.

If you have been troubling when opening certain cosmetic boxes than you should find the one that allows you a complete user feasibility thanks to a large auto-open tray.

makeup box No need for a mirror! There are a number of models in the market that include a built-in mirror with the lift-up effect. The boxes are also designed with a removable superficial tray that acts as a protector towards brushes. Look for these details whenever you decide to replace your existing makeup box.

If you want to have multiple options then look for a model that is built with a removable storage tray. They are designed with handles that allow easy access. The shape of the boxes can be different from one model to another, so will the trays. When browsing in your makeup box shop, try them out.

As far as security is concerned, if you ever thought that makeup boxes are not being secured, you were wrong. There are a number of boxes that are offered with locking options and you will not have to worry. These models include the keys in the package.

The makeup box has to be made of great materials.

The lining nylon combination will allow you to easily clean the unit anytime necessary. The zippers should come with a two-way solution which makes it easier for you to manage in different situations.

makeup travel case

The storing capabilities should be immense so you can put everything in and organize things as you wish.  If the compartments are adjustable they will allow the user to make use of the space relevant to the personal needs. We know that each user has specific demands, this is also one of the main reasons why we brought this characteristic to your close attention.

The lightweight approach and waterproof technology are also to be taken into consideration. These features allow any model to be easily carried with no matter the environmental conditions or travel circumstances. Make sure you ask your makeup box shop assistant to explain these features for you.

Regardless of the nature of your daily routine, if you take care of these characteristics, your makeup travel cases will be an excellent choice.