Carry on luggage: Makeup Travel Case sizes

If you need to travel by air and take a larger amount of makeup with you, you can be in trouble. Preparation is the key here!

We personally have had this issue quite a few times…longer business trips that also had one or more parties thrown in. And some leisure time during the weekends. So basically, we want a makeup travel case on wheels to take all our makeup!!

makeup travel case on wheels We have had a period of time when we separated the makeup products that could stand the cold from the ones that would be ruined in case of exposure to the extreme cold in the belly of a plane at full flying height. Don’t forget the outside temperature drops to around minus 50 degrees Celsius at these altitudes. Incredible. Especially liquid foundations and mascaras can be sensitive. Keeping those with you and the remainder in the main luggage is a pain. And off course when going from one place to the other, running out of a meeting to get to the flight in time…it all happens and those are the times when you forget to keep things separate and you are down for a good loss of money and a very inconvenient loss of products when you need them most.

So, we ended up taking our makeup in our hand luggage/carry on luggage. There are several possibilities here when it comes to choosing bags. There are even Makeup Travel Cases on Wheels available! See our article about this here.

Off course there is not one size fits all when it comes to Carry On Luggage! When you look closely, most airlines have different sizes!!!

We have had a good look at most airlines and if you are not fully living in airplanes all the time, it is probably best to go for a bag you can use on many airlines.

If you only plan on owning one Carry on Bag we recommend going with something like this:

21 inches (53.54 cm), width of 14 inches (35.56 cm) and depth of 8 inches (20.32 cm)

This is the safe bet that still gives you a very reasonable amount of space for all your makeup products.

One other thing to remember with flying is, that you are not allowed to take liquids on board that are more than 100ml. We have not found this an issue, as most makeup products are smaller than this, but it may be something to be aware off. These days you often have to display your liquids in a bag to go through security. It depends on what you are taking if this is possible. You can ask the security people to just check your bag and then put it through the scanner. This is usually not a problem, but make sure you follow all the other rules, otherwise you may have an issue on your hands.

One more important point here is, that some budget airlines allow considerable smaller bags as carry on luggage. So if you are in the situation that you foresee that you will fly with those airlines regularly, it may pay off to get 2 bags. One in the size as mentioned above, and one smaller for these budget flights. We have tried to tie down the size for you, but the budget airlines in different parts of the world are sooo different, we have to advise you to check the airlines you are possibly going to use in your area and find a bag that fits within themakeup travel cases

specific limits. And if there are several options regarding airlines for you, just go for the smallest one and you are safe. You will have the larger bag for all other cases anyway!

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