About Us

In the past few years we have been traveling a lot. Not only for our weekend trips and holidays, but also for business. Off course it is great to be able to look your best when on holiday, but this is not always priority number one.makeup travel case

We used to have some trouble when traveling for business: How to take a reasonable amount of makeup, enough to make sure we were covered for all possible situations, and still be able to travel light enough to be able to move around with ease.

Over the years we have bought and thrown away an array of Makeup Travel Cases, including Makeup Travel Cases on Wheels, an expensive hobby! We have had many discussions, also with other friends, about what is the best makeup Box to take along.

Through these discussions we were lucky enough to learn a lot from our friends so we did not have to make the same mistakes as they did. It is pretty amazing how expensive mistakes can become…expensive foundation unusable for instance, because it got frozen! Many makeup product are sensitive, although we have left the times that it was necessary to keep makeup products at certain temperatures behind us. There are still circumstances to take into consideration.

We started this website to communicate with our friends, and to help everyone having he same issues and questions as we did about which Makeup Travel Case to buy.

We hope it helps many people!

Enjoy your travels!!!

Love, Wendy and Ellen