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Makeup Travel Cases

How to select your perfect makeup travel case Ladies of this century are finding themselves more and more busy. They do not have all the time they used to have

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makeup travel cases

Makeup Travel Case on Wheels

What to look out for when you want a roll-able travel case for your makeup We know that travelling with your cosmetics with you is not easy. This is not only

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Makeup Organizer Travel Case

How will you organize your makeup in a makeup organizer travel case? Are you looking into the cosmetics business as a near future opportunity? This sounds great! Whether you are

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Makeup Travel Cases! How to choose wisely.

When it comes to makeup travel cases, if you travel regularly it is a good idea to make sure you buy a bag that can be used as carry-on luggage.

You need to realise that luggage that goes into the belly of the plane is subjected to large differences in pressure due to the altitude of flying and also the temperature drops dramatically at that height.

Off course the body of the plane will protect against the temperature drop, but how much depends on the duration of the flight. If it is just an hour, usually the impact is not a lot, but if the trip takes many hours, your luggage can get very cold.

These 2 factors, pressure and temperature, are not good for most makeup products. So, usually if it is possible, you may want to take as much as possible into the cabin which is pressure and temperature regulated.

Off course in the past few years we have been experiencing another issue when it comes to taking things into the cabin, being that on many flights, especially international ones, it is not allowed to take a lot of liquids. And what can be taken has to be shown to customs and put through the scanner in plastic bags. Luckily, this really only applies to liquids and sometimes creams, and not on all flights.

When it comes to your makeup, make sure you ask the airline for details beforehand, so you know what can and cannot be done.

We have done a lot of research into makeup travel cases, makeup boxes, cosmetics bags and travel makeup organisers. Please have a look on the pages to see our recommendations.

First though, it is a good idea to consider the size of your bags and cases. What you are going to choose depends largely on your travel patterns and you plans. Checkout detailed information about luggage sizes here.

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